PluriBASIC is a multi-target compiler, and an engine capable of using
external compilers to generate apps and desktop applications.


Android Apps
Compiles native android applications and includes a wifi bridge. Maps, graphics, controls, in a very easy way.
PHP scripts
Compiles PHP scripts with support for inline PHP.
Console Windows apps
Compiles console apps that can be used as web scripts.
(Requires the PowerBASIC compiler)
Java Classes
Compile Java classes and execute them as console apps.
MySQL support for all targets
All target platforms support MySQL or emulate the MySQL functions that PluriBASIC offers.
BASIC features:
  • Optional parameters.
  • Structure breakers.
  • Expandable MACROS.
  • MySQL database support (or emulation).
  • User-defined-types.
  • Target language's inline code.
  • Integrated web server.
  • Integrated ftp client.
  • Automatic data-casting.
  • Backup Utility
  • Visual CSS designer
  • Visual CSS menu designer

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